Review Of India's 1st sporting Pcp air Rifle

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Review Of India's 1st sporting Pcp air Rifle

Postby admin » Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:46 pm

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First Review of AARYA PCP AIR RIFLE.


Hello friends,

Here im a proud owner of the first AARYA PCP AIR RIFLE. 1st Indian made Sporting PCP air rifle.

I received the PCP a few months ago, and found it to be a very well made air rifle.
The parts are made of quality materials and the French Walnut Stock is excellent , it comes with hand rubbed oil finish. I loved the overall look and feels great on hands.

It has a 19inch-rifled barrel, 400cc air tank, and raised 11mm scope ramp.
I fill it with 150bar pressure that’s 2200psi. It easily shoots around 100 shots per filling.

Im very excited when it comes to accuracy part. Its an very smooth gun to shoot as it has a fully adjustable two stage trigger with which one can make the trigger pull feather light. All this helps this gun to be very accurate. I use an 3 – 9 X 40 scope and Have shot half an inch groups at 25 to 35 meters. Which I feel is very good.

As I don’t have a chrony to test, I believe the AARYA spits 16 grn pellet some where between 800 to 850fps.

After using several Indian made air rifles for past 12 years I can easily say this is the best of all Indian made Air rifles,best at its quality, performance and price too.

And I have to tell about the maker of the AARYA PCP.  "AADITYA INNOVATIONS"  A company started by a great man who made much awaited dreams come true for Indian air gunners for Precise, Accurate and Quality air rifle. A nice and kind man to deal with. Prompt to help when ever needed. I would like to thank him for being so kind and for taking the Indian airgun scenario to a new level.

Plz find the attached files for the photos of the rifle, grouping and a video of AARYA hitting its target at 46mtrs (150feet).

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